Selected Press


Playboy Magazine,

May 2018

"Uncorking the Wild World of Natural Wine" by Rachel Signer. Photo by Molly Cranna

PUNCH, February 2018

"Anatomy of a Wine Cellar" by Megan Krigbaum. Photo by Nick Murway


"Rethinking Sparkling Wine Alternatives" by Jennifer Fiedler. Photo by Matthew Gilson

"2017 Restaurant Poll Interview" by Deanna Gonnella.  Photo by Cory Dewald.

"Meet the Who’s Who of Wine Cool" by Megan Krigbaum. Photo by Lizzie Monroe.

"6 Under-the-Radar Wine Regions You Should Be Drinking From Now." by Rachel Signer. Photo by Alamy.

"Famous Somms Share Their Wine Guilty Pleasures" by Carson Demmond

"America's Best Wine Restaurants of 2016 - Not to be Missed"

"One Case Wonder - 12 Wolf Wines from Chicago's Matty Colston" by Megan Krigbaum

"Beer & Metal: What's the only beer on tap at Beard nominee Parachute?" by Philip Montoro

"Cocktail Challenge: Cheez-Its" by Julia Thiel